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Members and friends,

The Canadian Health Agency has advised everyone to take precautions such as social distancing and wearing masks to avoid CoVid-19. As the seniors category includes most of our Probus members, your executive team has made the decision to replace in-person general meetings with "virtual" meetings using Zoom video-conferencing services.   (See Zoom Website)

Zoom meeting invitations will be sent out to the whole membership by email the day before each regular scheduled general meeting. It is not necessary to reply to these invitations when they arrive; just keep them and follow the instructions provided to join the meeting when the time comes. Please try to join at least 5 minutes early to avoid delaying the meeting.  If you need assistance with Zoom, please contact our tech team at webmaster@centralmuskokaprobus.ca

Please keep yourselves and those close to you safe and secure.

Best Regards,

PCCM Management Team

See the "Meetings" and "Speakers" pages for more details.

Watch the Newsletter page for each new newsletter on the weekend before the monthly general meeting. 

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"Our Strength is Fellowship,
Our Success is Participation"

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