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Group:Walk up The Rock the Easy Way

An easy way up Huckleberry Rock?! Chosen this time of year for the outstanding views and if you are lucky not so many bugs,

DIRECTIONS: Drive out on Highway 118 West and turn left on Beaumaris Rd.

Park: Milford Bay Community Centre on Right

or alternatives

2. on roadside at Wray Rd (this will shorten the walk)

3. At the official Huckleberry car park located on Milford Bay Rd (the steeper route)

From Milford Bay Community Centre:

Turn right on Milford Bay Rd and after 900 metres

Turn right on Butter & Egg Rd 

Turn left on Wray Rd then at the end of road take the trail that winds gently upwards through the woods. It brings you out to the top of the rock. Lots to explore, the fake tree, the road rock cut and if course the great views of Lake Muskoka. At this point you can return the way you came or take the main trail (it is up from the last view point, on the left) follow the trail down to Milford Bay Rd

Turn left and return to either Wray Rd or the Community Centre, where you chose to leave your car.

A distance of 5-6 km depending how much you explored up top.

in " normal" times we generally stop for refreshments at Milford Bay cafe located close to the car park.

Check out if they have take out service - there are picnic tables outside.




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