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Group:WALK Easy Three Mile Lake Rd


favourite walk (almost bug free!) along a quiet country road. Lovely views  across 3 Mile Lake. One hill out, one back.

DIRECTIONS: from Bracebridge take Muskoka Rd 4 to Hwy 141 = approx 17 km.

Keep left and in approx 2.4 km turn left 3 Mile Lake Rd. In approx 1 km turn left on to Cove Rd.

There is a turning circle at the end where you can park at the side of the road or choose a safe spot

closer or on 3 Mile Lake Rd. (This will shorten your walk) 

WALK:  from Cove Rd turn left and walk along 3 Mile Lake Rd. If you go to the end and return it will be a distance of about 6 km. Or turn round at any point to shorten your walk.




Coordinator:None identified

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