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Group:Walk Along Lilac Lane

A pleasant walk that is about 5km that can be shortened if you wish. You can also do this route in reverse but I think this is the easiest way to do it.

Start from the Sportsplex Car Park on Clearbrook Trail.

Turn Right out of the car park and follow Clearbrook to Douglas Drive - Turn left

After a short distance Turn Right on Little Ryans Way to the end of the cul de sac.

Follow the well defined track that is straight ahead to Gostik Park

At Gostick Park Turn Right and follow track to road.

Go straight ahead (Hamblin Drive)and between the houses there is a nicely mown grassy area (Gas Line) Turn left. Follow this grassy path to Manitoba Street. 

Turn left and then Turn right on Gibbs Rd (unpaved road) Turn Right on Lilac Lane. Follow Lilac Lane to a well defined track on the right (by the cemetery), follow this track to a wire fence where you keep left along a short path that leads to South Monck trail.

Turn left along South Monck Trail (two hills) to Meadow Heights Drive. Turn left to Manitoba St at Traffic Lights. You can either turn left along Manitoba and then right on Douglas back to car park or go straight across and follow Clearbrook Trail to the Sportsplex.

You can also shorten the route. After Gostick Park and the grassy path along the Gas Line, Turn left and keep on Manitoba until you reach Douglas where you turn left and back to the car park


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