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Group:WALK Port Sydney

There are several walks that can be adjusted for distance. All start at Mary Lake Beach Parking.

For details of the many historic buildings check A Walk Through Time

The Long Loop 10.5 km

Take sidewalk into village and after the General Store, on the left take pathway leading down to the falls/rapids/river park area. Go through park and cross over Rd #10 to Deer Lake Rd. Follow this road as far as Hughes Rd where you turn left.  At Clearwater Lake Rd turn left and return to Deer Lake Rd. Turn Right and either go back through the park or turn left on #10 and cross the road bridge into Port Sydney and car park

(Check Indian Landing park and the Blessing Tree on left after crossing the road bridge)

To shorten walk:

1. Turn back anywhere along Deer Lake Rd. Or if you go to Hughes Rd and return 7km

2. From the Falls, go onto Ontario Street, go up Falls View Rd to Road #10 turn left and then right on to Bridgedale Rd follow to end where you turn right on Bridgedale Crescent. Turn right on to Clearwater Lake Rd and follow route described above 5 km

Park at Falls area this will shorten the walks by a total of 2 km






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