Interest Groups

The club encourages the formation of groups of members who share a special interest. Contact the coordinator of a group to find out about the nature and frequency of its activities. Contact information for coordinators is available when you click/tap on the name 





The liaison for all the interest groups coordinates this web page and stays in touch with each group. If you would like information on an activity or have an idea for a new interest group, please contact Rosemary Carrington. You can find her contact details in the membership directory.

A Walk in Town

A circular route approx 3.5 km - easy to adjust distance

It can be joined anywhere but the Chamber of Commerce car park is a good starting point.

this is a nice walk taking in a woodland trail, views of the river, enjoy the streets in the historic downtown core.

walk over the bridge on Entrance Drive 

turn left on trail leading to Woodchester Villa

continue through woods to Bird Lane, turn left

turn left on Taylor Rd, walk down hill to River Rd

turn right alongside river

turn left on Ann St  and follow to traffic lights at Manitoba St

Straight across and along McMurray St

turn left on Quebec and right on Kimberley sts

turn left on Ontario St returning back to the Chamber of Commerce


An Easy Walk up The Rock

An easy way up Huckleberry Rock?! Chosen this time of year for the outstanding views and if you are lucky not so many bugs,

DIRECTIONS: Drive out on Highway 118 West and turn left on Beaumaris Rd.

Park: Milford Bay Community Centre on Right

or alternatives

2. on roadside at Wray Rd (this will shorten the walk)

3. At the official Huckleberry car park located on Milford Bay Rd (the steeper route)

From Milford Bay Community Centre:

Turn right on Milford Bay Rd and after 900 metres

Turn right on Butter & Egg Rd 

Turn left on Wray Rd then at the end of road take the trail that winds gently upwards through the woods. It brings you out to the top of the rock. Lots to explore, the fake tree, the road rock cut and if course the great views of Lake Muskoka. At this point you can return the way you came or take the main trail (it is up from the last view point, on the left) follow the trail down to Milford Bay Rd

Turn left and return to either Wray Rd or the Community Centre, where you chose to leave your car.

A distance of 5-6 km depending how much you explored up top.

in " normal" times we generally stop for refreshments at Milford Bay cafe located close to the car park.

Check out if they have take out service - there are picnic tables outside.




Book Club

Book Club

Book Club meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 10 am.   Book Club Meetings take place at the various members' homes.   New members are always welcome.  Contact Jackie Heptinstall for more details.

Breakfast Club


The Breakfast Club (aka the "Hot Air Club")Breakfast Club

Lively discussions include local, Canadian and worldwide issues

We meet at 9:30 am the last Monday of the month at Nick's Restaurant.


Good food, good company, good discussion.  Join us!!      Contact: Dick Smyth

Bridge Group

CarolBridge Club

The Bridge Group gets together on every other Tuesday, usually at 7 pm - earlier in the day during winter months.

Contact: Carol Furniss 

Computer Group

Leanne and RickThe computer group meets the fourth Wednesday of the month at the home of Rick and Leanne Lamoureux.  A different volunteer host provides coffee and snacks at each meeting.  Technical expertise is shared among the group as we explore how to make the best use of our computers, laptops, tablets, phones and peripherals.  Members suggest topics for meetings and we cover everything from apps to scams, best computing practices and problem solving strategies.  New members welcome! 

Contact: Leanne Lamoureux

Dining In

If you would like to join a Dining In Group please contact Rosemary who will either put you in touch with an existing group or help you form a new group

Euchre Group

Euchre Club 1The Euchre groups (there are two) get together to enjoy Euchre. We have space for interested members, so come out and play for fun!

The first group meets on the first Thursday of the month at 1:30 pm.

The second group meets on the third Thursday of the month at 1.30 pm.

Contact: Marilyn Loewen

Garden Group

Muskoka Gardening Group

The gardening group has an annual event in spring or fall.





Outdoor Activities

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!   Outdoor Activities



  every Thursday morning

 Linda Dix Gibson 


1st & 3rd MONDAY of each month
.. with an easy pace and distance

Contact: Rosemary Carrington


... longer, faster pace

Contact: Donna Ried    

"FLATLANDERS "-  Senior Woman Cycling
... shorter distance, easier pace

Contact: Richard Lamoureux




Contact: Dave Murphy

Pot Luck Groups

Pot Luck Groups

Pot Luck group meets on the first Wednesday of each month to enjoy a pot-luck meal together.

Our dinners begin at 5:30 pm (spring to fall) and take place at a members home.

Our lunches begin at 1:00 pm for the winter months. 

Contact Debby Andrews or Renee Lefebvre 


Theatre Goers!

Theatre GroupReceive emails about upcoming local shows and have the chance to join others interested in attending that show. Get group discounts and maybe enjoy dinner out afterward!

Contact: Pat Anderson or Kate Oldham


Rene Caisse Theatre Bracebridge

Bracebridge Hall

Huntsville Theatre

Gravenhurst Opera House



We meet every second Tuesday of the month but not July or August.

Contact: Gary Hammond