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WE HAVE INTEREST GROUPS that include books, dining, bridge, euchre, outings, outdoor activities and so much more – check out the Newsletter, Website and calendar for a full range of interests.

IF YOU HAVE AN INTEREST OR HOBBY that you are willing to share, but don’t have the time or inclination for a monthly commitment? A POP-UP event may be just the thing you need. Contact either Rosemary or Kay with the interest, date, time and group number you are comfortable with. See below for details of a Pop- Up event.

NEW MEMBERS are always welcome to join our Interest Groups. This is a great opportunity to make new friends while enjoying one or more of our activities.

If you are an Interest Group Convener, please keep us informed of any changes or items of interest so that the Calendar, Newsletter and Website can be updated. Each time you meet please keep a list of all participants including guests. This is for insurance purposes.

If you are an Interest Group Convener, please keep us informed of any changes or items of interest so that the Calendar, Newsletter and Website can be updated. Each time you meet please keep a list of all participants including guests. This is for insurance purposes.

Coordinators: Kay Biggs and Rosemary Carrington Click Directory Tab for contact info


to assist Kay

You will also receive lots of support from other team members

including help from the Techies.


 Kay Biggs                                             Rosemary Carrington








Book Club


This well read, well loved book club

meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 10 am

New members are always welcome

Convenor: Jackie Heptinstall

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BRIDGE CLUB A good deal!

This is another well loved, well attended group. They play on Tuesdays twice a month at 1 pm at members homes

New members including beginners are welcome.

Convenor: Eleanor Lewis

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Leanne has changed the format to Pop-Up presentations.  

Not only will you learn new skills but coffee and treats will be offered.

Summer break - watch this space for when the group reconvenes

Convenor: Leanne Lamoureux


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This group focuses on instructive and interesting places to visit. Every second Tuesday of the month

Summer break

Watch this space for when it recovenes

Convenor: Sheldon Lowe


To check Sheldon's contact information: click on Directory in side panel.



There is space for new members so come and play for fun.Two groups:

1. Meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 1.15 pm

2. Meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 1.15 pm

Convenor: Beth Hannah

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The garden club meets during the spring and summer months with workshops, speakers and visits to gardens and garden centres.

Convenors: Louise Cragg and Jan Getson

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First we meet and then we eat -

after each Probus monthly meeting.

A good opportunity to discuss topics arising from the meeting.

Meet new members and catch up on club news.

A chance to try out local restaurants.

Sign up before or at the coffee break

Convenor: Karen Anderson-Legge

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All outdoor activities are shared between Central Probus and Muskok Lakes Probus


An easy pace. Distance will depend on terrain and weather conditions. We enjoy walking as a group with time for socializing. Every Monday morning at 10 unless otherwise indicated

Commencing mid June, Kathy Wykes and Linda Dix-Gibson (Muskoka Lakes) will be leading this group.

A new summer into fall calendar is being prepared


Kathy Wykes: kathy.wykes@gmail.com

Linda Dix-Gibson: linda.dixgibson@gmail.com

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Weekly Thursday morning hikes not July or August

Recommendation: Walk at least 4 km per hour.

Walk for 1.5 to 2 hours over rough, hilly terrain.

You must always walk with at least one other person. If, for any reason, you need to turn around, you must not go alone, and the hike leader must be notified.

Convenor: Kathy Wykes (Muskoka Lakes) kathy.wykes@gmail.com





Meet every Friday morning late spring until early fall

Easy going, flat with the wind at our backs!

If you want to join this group please contact, Kate Oldham, Gary Hammond, Linda Dix Gibson who will provide the details.






Pot Luck Groups

You are indeed lucky if you belong to this group!

Usually after our meal we don't have room for more, but

if you would like to join us we do have room for more!

The groups meet on the first Wednesday of each month to enjoy a pot-luck meal together. 

The groups generally meet separately in one anothers homes but during the months of July and August they get together for a picnic in either Annie Williams Park or Peake Fields. 

Come and give Potluck a try as an introduction to the new potluck calendar that starts in May. A really social activity that once a year changes the groups around. It would be a great time to register for the upcoming year that commences in May. Try it you will like it - especially the food!

This is an excellent way to meet new members, reconnect with others, relax and enjoy discussions with delicious food.

New members are very welcome

Convenors: Beth Hannah and Renée Lefebvre

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