Club Management Team

Our club calls its executive board the "Management Team". Sub-committees of the board participate in the Management Team and are listed on the "Committees" tab. The Management Team is elected each spring at the Annual General Meeting in May. Our club has a nominating committee which is always on the prowl for volunteers to join the Mangement Team. If you are interested, we would be glad to have you!

To get in touch with the management team, click on the "Contact Us" tab for email addresses or get the membership phone list from the Directory Tab.

Management Team for 2020/2021

Many thanks to these volunteers!!

President:Rick TerryMember Picture
Vice President (Interim):Jack RawlinsonMember Picture
Secretary:Judy GellerMember Picture
Treasurer:John ReynoldsMember Picture
Assistant Treasurer:Allana MerrillMember Picture
Past President:Sheila GossenMember Picture