Management Team for 2020/2021

Many thanks to these volunteers!!

Committee Members

In our club, committee leaders and members are full participants on the club Management Team.

The Committees of the board include these:

The Membership Committee

The Program Committee

The Events Committee

The Interest Group Coordinator

The Newsletter Editorial Team

The Webmaster and the Tech Team

The Nominating Committee


Interest Group Coordinator:Rosemary CarringtonMember Picture
Events Committee Chair:Sheila TaylorMember Picture
Events Committee:Debby AndrewsMember Picture
Maurene HammondMember Picture
Rita DavidsonMember Picture
Debra HutchinsonMember Picture
Program Committee:Jinny FlyeMember Picture
Jerry CrossMember Picture
Membership Committee:Leanne LamoureuxMember Picture
Marilyn Van WyckMember Picture
Care Correspondent:Donna McNeelyMember Picture
Newsletter Editors:Rita DavidsonMember Picture
Dave CotterellMember Picture
David RasmussenMember Picture
Tech Team Webmaster:Don Van WyckMember Picture
Tech Team:Leanne LamoureuxMember Picture
Rick LamoureuxMember Picture
Jack RawlinsonMember Picture