At the General Meeting each month, our program committee invites a guest speaker to present a topic of interest to our membership. The following list shows the speakers scheduled for the coming months.

We  try to find topics that are of interest and which cultivate discussion so please check out the next month's speaker and bring a friend or two to the meeting. 


14-Oct-2020Toot Suite recorder group The Recorder: Flûte à bec, Blokfluit, flauto dolce
11-Nov-2020Remembrance Day Service Canada Remembers 2020
09-Dec-2020Muskoka Big Band Tah-dah! ...and all that Jazz!!
13-Jan-2021Sue Dixon The Horse Whisperer
10-Feb-2021Jodi Madden Healthy aging with VON SMART Exercise
10-Mar-2021Kevin Boyle Climate Change, Muskoka, and You!
09-Jun-2021Peter McLaren Birdsong